Your ENT (ears, nose, and throat) system is vital to your overall health and happiness. Taking care of these three areas of your body not only protect you from problems down the road but improve your current health. In this article we will discuss how to care for your ears, nose and throat.

    Nose Care

    Not only does the nose provide your sense of smell, it also filters the outside air before it enters your lungs. According to Boiron, your nose is the focal point in respiratory health. To better take care of your nose, you should try to reduce allergens in your home by regularly cleaning and getting rid of toxins. Avoid smoking and second-hand smoke as long-term use will greatly impact your lungs. You can also implement a daily nasal cleaning routine to avoid respiratory infections and susceptibility to allergies.

    Throat Care

    Your throat goes through a lot of trauma throughout the day. Everything from eating, drinking, swallowing, talking, breathing, and so much more. Take care of your throat by drinking plenty of water, it is good for your entire system and can help hydrate your throat and vocal cords. According to Showtime Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, you need to make sure to brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste at least 2–3 times per day. Brushing your teeth will help remove bacteria that could cause an infection or unnecessary cavities.

    Ear Care

    As one of the major senses, taking care of your ears will go a long way in your satisfaction towards life. In many cases, individuals lose their hearing by failing to take care of their ears. According to The Hearing Center, you should take care to wear hearing protection in any situation where the sound levels are too high. Hearing protection may be needed at a concert, the shooting range, or even loud sporting events. Getting the earwax cleaned from your ear can also help prevent ear infections and going in for a hearing screening can help you catch and treat hearing loss before it becomes a problem.

    Maintaining a good hygiene regime isn’t just about taking a shower every day. There are other areas of your body that need special attention to keep them clean and void of infection. Take care of your ears, nose, and throat by implementing healthy routine habits that will promote their overall health. Doing so will keep your senses sharp, and your life satisfaction high.

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