You pay good money for your air conditioning to cool your home to a comfortable level during the hot months of the year. However, some parts of your home may be letting that precious cooled air out, and letting hot air in. Here are a few of those areas that you should check to make sure that your home is staying regulated like it is meant to!


    If your doors aren’t screwed in well or aren’t insulated at all, they may be letting a constant stream of your cool air outside! In order to prevent that, consider adding an insulation barrier to the bottom of your door. These are usually made up of rubber strips or foam that slide onto the bottom of the door, sealing and blocking out all airflow without impeding the motion or smoothness of the door’s swing. Other small repairs like re-installing the door with proper fitting, repairing any cracks, or simply making sure that your door is the right fit!


    Like doors, your windows may be leaking air due to improper fit, cracks, or spacing between the window well and the window itself. Check your windows thoroughly—yes every window!—for any of those potential issues. There are specially designed windows that are made to prevent those issues from occurring, using thick glass and smooth, accurate fits to make your windows well insulated and easy to open and close with no risk of gaps. For example, Energy Star windows can take stress off your cooling system by keeping cool air in.

    Cracks in the Roof

    Doors and windows you see and use daily. Your roof, however, is one part of your house you rarely can see, meaning any problems can go unnoticed for long periods of time and develop into bigger issues. If shingles are broken or your roof is cracked or deteriorated in any places, the material may have broken down enough to form a gap for leaks. Those leaks are a huge source of airflow for homes! Take inventory of your roof at least twice per year for any damage and soft spots, and repair them as quickly as possible. These kinds of repairs will make a huge difference in keeping the air temperature of your house where you want it to be.

    If you notice that your home’s energy costs are higher than usual, check your doors, windows and roof for potential leaks that may be allowing the cool air you want to escape! This is an easy way to help your home out, so that your home can help you out.

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