In a time of such uncertainty and illness, it is important to make employee health a main priority when making plans. Stress surrounding the pandemic can affect employee performance if they become sick or have to move home. However, making plans for how to make your employees health a priority will help you to avoid extra stress and help you to keep your business running smoothly.

Offer Flexibility

Allowing your employees to work from home and have more flexible hours will allow more employees to keep their positions and stay safe. Flexible hours for those who are sick or to work from home is a great way to help your employees be able to provide for themselves and their families while still being able to do their jobs.

As well as offering flexible hours, letting your employees take time off if they are sick is an important way to make sure that their health is being made a priority. This flexibility will allow your employees to still be able to do good quality work while making their health and well-being a priority as well.

Sanitize Surfaces

Make sure to sanitize surfaces regularly. Using professional cleaners is a great resource to make sure that your building is properly cleaned and sanitized if one of your employees tests positive for COVID-19 or if you are worried an employee might have it. However, professional cleaners should use CDC-approved chemicals to thoroughly disinfect your business.

Even if none of your employees test positive for COVID-19, you should still exercise caution and make sure all surfaces and areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly, as well as adding hand sanitizer and mask stations around the area to encourage your employees to be careful.

Social Distancing at Work

Social distancing while at work is one of the best ways to avoid contamination from a sick employee as well as encouraging healthy habits. Spreading out your employees as much as possible and having a mask mandate are ways to help slow the spread of the virus and protect your business. If at all possible, offering remote work for all employees will help to avoid contamination in the building and help slow the spread.

There are many ways to make your employees’ health a priority. Some of these include sanitizing areas or working remotely, but there are many ways that you can help to protect your workers as well as others who they might come in contact with.

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