In many offices, efficiency may be a priority. However, you should also be considerate of how your office space impacts your clients. You want them to be comfortable, at ease, and eager to return. To achieve this, you should explore ways to make your office more inviting to clients.

Keep It Clean

The best way to make your office more inviting is to keep it clean. A clean space always feels brighter and more refreshing. Start by removing any clutter around the office and maintain organization. One way to do this is to have a clear and detailed filing system to keep all papers organized and out of the way when not in use. Keeping things tidy and clean also gives off a more professional air. Make sure there aren’t any surfaces that are dirty, dusty, or grimy. You may want to consider having a nightly cleaning routine to refresh the office for the next day. You can also periodically clean or wipe down surfaces throughout the day to be more thorough.

Buy New Furniture

When you buy new furniture, you are sending several messages to your clients and even your staff. First of all, new furniture helps to liven up a space. You can get creative with the style and color. Just make sure you pick something comfy. When you buy new furniture, it also lets your clients know that you’re sticking around since new furniture is a big investment. It can be very reassuring to them.

When considering what furniture to buy, consider all areas of your office. If you have a waiting room, get some comfortable chairs or couches. You can even get a few end tables or a coffee table. In the office space, invest in quality chairs for your employees. This shows that you care about them and it can help improve productivity. You can even get some sturdy new tables for a conference room or breakroom and even new desks for your staff. Evaluate the needs of your office to determine what would be the best investment.

Add Amenities

Including amenities in your office makes the client feel more valued and comfortable. In your waiting room, you may want to include water or other drinks. You can even have a snack bar available. Waiting rooms are also improved with some entertainment. This can be anything from magazines to games to a tv. In general, you can also provide free Wi-Fi to your clients. Since it’s practically an essential these days, your clients will appreciate it. On that note, you should also have plenty of charging stations available for a variety of devices.

Create an Outdoor Meeting Place

Having an outdoor meeting area can accomplish many things. For one, it can allow you and your client to enjoy the nice weather. Not to mention, you can reap the numerous physical and mental benefits of spending some time outside. Being outdoors also creates a level of comfort and more of a casual setting. This can help put your client at ease and allow you to more easily build a relationship with them. As you create your outdoor space, make sure you are considerate of weather conditions. You should buy furniture that is suitable for outdoors because wood furniture can get damaged in direct sunlight. Make sure it’s both comfortable and durable.

Consider Your Lighting

Lighting can do a lot for any space. Consider what mood you would like to set around your office. In many spaces, it’s common to have overhead fluorescent lights, but these lights can often be harsh and even decrease productivity. Look for softer lighting options such as pendant lights, personal lamps, and other decorative lighting. You should also capitalize on any natural light in your office. Natural light can be very beneficial to both productivity and creating a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere for both your staff and clients.

Add Interesting Decor

To make a space inviting, you have to make it interesting. You can do this through adding different décor throughout your office. Start off by adding some color to liven up the space. You can paint the walls or use accent pillows, curtains, and other décor to maintain a central color scheme. Have fun with color and be considerate of how colors will impact the space. Invest in some interesting art to add to the walls. Get a decorative rug. Find other pieces to place on shelves or end tables. You can also place some plants around the office. This literally brings life to the space. Move beyond boring white walls and plain spaces. Don’t be afraid to spice things up.

Utilize Technology

If you have regular meetings with clients, it may be helpful to incorporate useful technology into your office space. For example, in a conference room you may want to include ways you and your clients can quickly hookup a laptop to display information. This would mean having a projector, a whiteboard/screen, and all the necessary wires and cords to hook up different devices. You can even invest in an interactive whiteboard. Having these types of technology already available in your office can ease meetings along and also demonstrate a higher level of professionalism.

Make It Personal

One of the greatest ways to make an office more inviting to your clients is to make the space personal. Display pictures of family and friends. Include little trinkets that display personal interests. Encourage your employees to display their own personal items, just make sure it’s always appropriate. Allowing one’s personal life to shine through into their professional life allows clients to form better connections with you and your staff. Your clients will want to get to know the people and not just the business. Overall, it builds a stronger unity and comfort between you and your clients.

As you can see, your office space can be altered in many ways to make it more hospitable for your clients. Making changes can be a big investment, but they do a lot to make your clients more comfortable and to display your level of dedication and professionalism. Determine what needs should be met around your office in order to make it more inviting to your clients.

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