A business’s customer service is a crucial point of business operations. Do it right, and you can turn consumers into your best regular customers. Do it wrong, and you’ll drive them away and amass a plethora of negative reviews that will discourage people from giving you a try. Clearly it’s important to succeed at delivering great customer service. But how do you measure whether or not you’re doing it right?

    Analyze Your Growth

    One of the ways you can measure customer satisfaction is by taking a look at your business growth. If your business is trending positively, that’s a good sign that you’re doing okay in the customer service department. There are multiple factors that impact business growth and income, but if you’re trending down, it might be wise to take a look at how your customer service representatives are doing. In the case of growth or loss, it’s best to look specifically at your recurring customer base. How you’re trending in gaining or losing regular customers is likely to be a good indicator of how your customer service is doing, since regulars are more likely to be forgiving of other issues you might be experiencing. A consistent decline in your customer service, however, is more likely to drive away even the most supportive of your regular customers.

    Send Out Surveys

    Your customers are probably the best people to give you insight on your customer service. They can tell you all about whether or not your customer service is satisfactory. One of the best ways to do this is to send out customer services satisfaction surveys after every interaction. Timing is important when it comes to these surveys. It’s best to get a quick survey response so that the customer doesn’t forget the details of their experience. You can send these surveys through email, text, or some other method if the customer has a different preference.

    Read Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are another great way to find feedback on your business’s customer service. If you notice a consistent theme, you’ve probably identified something worth addressing. When a business takes consumer feedback into account and improves the customer experience, both employee engagement and consumer satisfaction improve significantly. It’s in a business’s best interest to pay attention to reviews and work to address issues you find.

    Delivering excellent customer service is important to a business’s success. It’s a huge component of what builds the positive consumer relationships that businesses need to survive. Analyze your growth, ask for feedback, and study customer reviews to get a feel for how you’re performing in the customer service department.