A career in law is incredibly competitive and rigorous. You aren’t just writing documents, but you are constantly looking for new clients. It is only going to grow in popularity over time. To stay relevant in the face of strong competition, you have to make yourself the best lawyer possible.

    Find a Mentor

    First, you should find an expert in your field of law that can help you develop your skills. Nobody is too smart to learn from someone, and a helpful mentor can share wisdom with you that only comes from experience. Learn about the scholars of law in your city. Familiarize yourself with their work and ask them legitimate questions about dissertations they have written.

    Don’t let personality alone sway you from a particular mentor. You might need someone completely different from you to challenge your ideas and make you analyze your modes of thought. A strong mentor will leave you a better lawyer.

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    Stay Current on the Law

    You should also keep up-to-date with topical cases in your field. Read legal papers from law magazines and college law groups. There are many blogs and websites written by lawyers that make great resources for those interested in the law. You are likely to find at least one article useful.

    By reading about current cases, your mind will be thinking about how you would argue for them. They can open your mind to new modes of thought and help you analyze cases you are currently working on from an innovative new standpoint. Immersing yourself in this facet of your career is incredibly fulfilling.

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    Think Critically

    Critical thinking skills are severely lacking in today’s world of instant gratification. People often receive opinions from their favorite media platforms, family members, or nothing at all. You should train yourself to think critically and differently. This ability can change the way your approach cases and make you stronger in your own convictions.

    Look at a legal situation from as many different points of view as possible. Consider ethical dilemmas in the real world. Why do you think the way that you do? What are your potential biases? How might someone else view the same situation? These are all valid ways to critically think.

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    Becoming a better lawyer is a personal goal many seek for throughout their career. You should always be open to new ideas—implementing ones that make logical sense from your perspective. Applying your logic to other cases and legal situations can be a great mind game that improves your ability to help your clients.

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