As a business owner, it is your job to keep your employees satisfied and safe when working. While most people have been taking precautions for COVID-19, it is important you also pay attention to potential fire hazards in your building. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry!

    Limit Gatherings

    To meet with fire codes, every building must have an occupancy limit. A large number of customers won’t cause a fire all on their own, but if a fire accidentally starts in the building, it could put people in danger. This is why every business owner needs to talk to their local and state government to get approved.

    If you need to prevent excess customers from entering the building, consider having a host at the door to greet customers and let people in when possible. This has become essential because of the coronavirus, but can be implemented in less-demanding ways to keep with fire safety.

    Have an Exit Route

    Every business should also have escape routes for different sections of the building. There are generally two for one building just in case a fire is blocking the major one. Have a sign with the exits in a common area like the break room or near the check-in area.

    Exit routes should have specific features to meet OSHA standards. The routes cannot go past any materials that are considered flammable. Designated fire exit doors cannot be blocked by any heavy material so it is easy for people to leave. If you have fewer than ten employees, you can tell your fire plan to them verbally. Otherwise, it must be written down and displayed.

    Have Safety Equipment

    To keep your business well-equipped for fire hazards, you should always have the proper safety equipment nearby. Place fire extinguishers in easy-to-access locations near areas that will most likely have fires. While you should never encourage employees to take on a massive flame alone, it is one way to prevent small fires from growing too large.

    Companies that work with chemicals and machinery must be even more vigilant about fire hazards. Fire blankets can smother flames before they grow too large. All businesses should make sure they have working fire and carbon monoxide alarms to keep everyone under your roof safe.

    Dealing with a fire is no joke. It can lead to the loss of your business and even worse—someone’s life. Paying the fees to get your building certified, having the right equipment, and always having a plan will keep you ahead of any fire problem you might face.