Homeowners have a lot of responsibilities. There are jobs to go to, bills to pay, and chores to keep up on. Given the sheer volume of tasks to do, if there’s a way to make things easier, shouldn’t you give it a try? As it turns out, the materials that make up your home, specifically in your kitchen, may be able to give you a hand.


    You prepare food on your countertops all the time. Keeping them clean keeps your family safe. Thanks to its nonporous nature, quartz is a popular countertop surface that is easy to clean and is durable. Laminate is also nonporous and easy to clean. It’s available in a ton of different colors and patterns and is commonly used to replicate the appearance of other materials. For those who prefer a more industrial look, polished concrete and zinc are both durable, nonporous options that can look nice in most kitchens.


    Spills are inevitable in the kitchen, whether because you had a clumsy moment or you have little ones trying to “help” you cook. Having the right flooring makes cleaning up a breeze. Waterproof flooring materials can make cleaning up spills less stressful since you don’t have to worry about liquid getting through the flooring. That’s part of the reason why vinyl tile or plank flooring is becoming increasingly popular. Polished concrete can make an easy-to-clean kitchen floor as well. Just be careful when it’s wet. Concrete isn’t very forgiving when it comes to slipping and falling.


    If cleaning your kitchen backsplash makes you groan, you may need to revisit what it’s made of. Some materials are easier to clean than others. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time scrubbing or sealing, avoid options like natural stone. They look nice, but the upkeep can be altogether different. Instead, opt for tiles made out of porcelain, ceramic, or glass. The smooth surface makes cleaning much easier, though you’ll probably still need to reseal the grout periodically to keep it in good condition.

    Cleaning is an important part of maintaining a home, especially in the kitchen. The materials used for your countertops, flooring, and backsplash can make a huge difference in how easy it is to clean your kitchen. If your kitchen surfaces are less friendly to clean, consider replacing them with materials that make cleaning easier the next time you do a home improvement project.

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