Having a website that contains valuable content and a stunning design is a must if you want to compete online. In addition, you must dial down to specific areas of your website to ensure that it is successful in marketing your business. Here are 5 design basics that should be included in your web design.


    Utilize the Area Above the Fold

    In the newspaper world, the term “above the fold” refers to the upper half portion of the paper. When sitting on a newsstand, this is the area that is seen first. It generally contains the most important messages that the paper wants to convey. According to St Louis Web Design, this term also relates to your website. You want to include your most important message above the fold so that it attracts a customer’s attention when they land on your site.


    Include a Professionally Designed Logo

    You can convey the message of your brand through the design of your logo. It should be created by someone who is a professional artist that has experience with this type of work. Focus on making it simple, memorable and use just a few colors. You may want to even take your logo and expand it to other areas such as letterhead or business cards. This allows you to stay consistent with your messaging.


    Utilize Common Fonts

    While it may seem enticing to include a fancy looking font in your web design, it’s not advisable. Specialized fonts will take longer to load and may not look as good when viewed with a smartphone browser. Check to make sure that the font used on your site is easily read on all types of platforms.


    Use Professional Images

    Often, free stock photography can be spotted a mile away. To create a unique experience, use high-quality images that are taken by a professional photographer. This will make your web design stand out and be more appealing to visitors who frequent your site.


    Avoid Using Flash

    One of the main reasons why you want to avoid using Flash in the web design for your business is that it may confuse Google’s robots. When they scan your website looking for keywords, they may stop if they reach a page that’s using Flash. A better way to make your website noticeable is by creating an intuitive, sleek design with colors that convey the message of your brand and industry.


    By incorporating these 5 design basics into the design of your site, it will help ensure that readers stay focused and your site gets properly indexed in the search engine results pages.