How a Modern Man Travels

Traveling is an art form whether for business or pleasure, one that has been evolving as technology improves. In this era, traveling is more important and more convenient than ever before. More businesses are sending employees across the country, and even the world, for training, conventions, and presentations. Extended family members are living farther away from each other. As a result, more people are traveling more frequently. Here are some key things a man can do to ensure the best possible trip.

Travel Apparel
Wearing the right clothes makes traveling much easier on a man. Ideally, clothes should be comfortable and practical. A man should dress in layers, in case the plane or bus gets hot or cold. One way is by wearing a flannel shirt under a hoodie. Even in the summer, air conditioning can make a cabin feel freezing.
The best shoes to wear while traveling are a pair of loafers. They have ample padding for walking around, and can be slipped on and off easily in TSA lines. Additionally, loafers match both casual and business casual attire, making them perfect for a wide variety of men.

Fine Luggage
Luggage should be compact and sturdy. A gentleman knows how to pack everything he needs without over packing. Preparedness is key. A man’s suitcase should have a backup cell phone and money in case his carry-on bag is snatched. Similarly, his carry-on bag should contain extra socks and underclothes in the event that his suitcase is lost. Both bags must have his name and contact information inside and outside.

Transportation in Style
A modern man travels safely and comfortably. Business class and first class are ideal for the best transportation experience and, in many cases, leg-room. The ultimate way to travel in style is on a private jet, a luxury afforded by the classiest gentlemen.

Security like a Gentleman
Getting through TSA is uncomfortable, but necessary. A gentleman should cooperate quickly and respectfully for best results, without being too friendly, too nervous, or too relaxed. Practical clothing is essential to make this process go faster. Clothing with lots of metal buttons or decorations will be flagged by metal detectors. Ideally, a man should wear belts and shoes that can be removed and then re-equipped with ease.

To conclude, traveling doesn’t have to be a hassle when a gentleman knows what he’s doing. Apparel, luggage, and even choosing business class over economy all impact how the trip goes. Ultimately, making practical decisions and being prepared is the best way for a modern man to travel.

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