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You’ve woken up enough in the middle of the night worrying about the state of your finances. Although fixing past financial mistakes doesn’t happen overnight, some sites can make the whole process a little less painful.


We’ve gathered three sites that will get you right back on track to sleeping peacefully through the night worry free. Let’s take a look.


Collection Bully

Collection Bully is a tool affiliated with Dave Ramsey (spoiler alert: look for that name again on this list). Debt collectors have a reputation for habitually breaking federal laws to try and collect on debts. If you are abused or harassed by an annoying creditor or collector, you can use this tool to report them – not to some regulatory board that may or may not review your case in six months, but to a law firm that has a satisfyingly aggressive habit of hitting these bullies back. Sometimes, plaintiffs have even had their debts forgiven as part of a settlement!


Wise Bread

Wise Bread is a popular personal finance website that offers information about everything from frugal living to technology designed to help your journey. It puts together bloggers and experts to help you find the most useful financial information. As a resource, this is one of the best out there. It has well-researched articles about how to accomplish certain financial goals, how to handle life events, and how to jump start your career and earning potential.


Want A Fresh Start

Want a Fresh Start, LLC is a Vegas-based firm that provides resources to individuals and families struggling with delinquent debts, annoying collectors, wage garnishments, and other challenging or even desperate situations. Want A Fresh Start can help families in dire straits to rescue their homes and start over with a clean slate, whether that means protecting your family from predatory collectors, filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13, or recovering from a bankruptcy.



Acorns is a revolutionary investing site that allows you to invest your spare change. Investing is the key to wealth building, but before the internet, it was difficult to find the funds to start. Now, it’s easy and automatic.

When you link Acorns to your bank account, it automatically rounds up your cents to the nearest dollar and saves it to deposit an investment account. As you use your debit card, you are building up investment funds. It should be noted, however, that this is a supplement – not a replacement – for an aggressive investment strategy.

You can choose how conservative or aggressively you’d like to invest, and Acorns places you into the types of funds that match your preferences. They’ve received recognition by the financial industry as a company shaking up the investment world, and making that kind of wealth building accessible.


Dave Ramsey

The ultimate in financial peace is Dave Ramsey and his seven baby steps. Working with him will lead you through a series of steps meant to help you save for emergencies, pay off debt so you can stop worrying about it, and help you to build real wealth.

As a complement to these steps, Dave has a series of podcasts, radio shows, and he even has a budgeting software that you can use to begin your journey. It has the baby steps built right into the software.


It’s easy to find everything you need and an answer to just about every financial question on The site is easy to use and makes jumping into financial wellness easy.

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