As a manager leading a team of employees, you more than likely realize just how daunting of a process it actually is. Not only is scheduling a difficult task, but managing all of those different personalities is hardly a walk in the park. Of course, this leads to our next question: how do you deal with instances of low employee morale? No, you can’t just ignore and hope it gets better on its own. Here are some reasons why you need to nip an employee morale problem in the bud immediately.

    Turnover Rate

    If you let a low employee rate continue to fester, it will ultimately lead to a higher turnover rate. Businesses with a higher turnover rate usually have more difficulty meeting their bottom line. Why? Simply because every time an old employee goes it will cost you money in severance pay and it will also cost you money to train the new employee. Moreover, a high turnover rate will often be a negative factor when it comes to employee productivity and loyalty, simply because it takes time for new employees to feel like they are a part of the team.

    Employee Engagement

    A recent Gallup study of 192 different companies determined that the ones with the happiest employees were on average seen a 22% productivity increase. So, how do you get the most engagement out of your employees? Having regular get-togethers are only going to get you so far. Considering that only 33% of employees are actively engaged with work in the US, you need to set about creating a workplace that promotes positivity, values ideas give employees the tools for collaboration and communication, and focus on employee empowerment.

    Poor Recognition

    One of the ways to improve poor morale in the workplace is to focus on giving recognition to your employees. When people realize they will be noticed for their hard work, they not only will curb their bad attitude, but they will naturally work harder. One of the number one reasons for why employees leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated.

    As a manager, you can rest assured if you follow these three steps you will be sure to have a workplace which is well-known for being a positive place to work. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with networking with other managers to find out what they do for keeping the morale high in their businesses as well.