The winter season is one of the busiest times for hotels, which means everything has to be prepped and ready to accommodate a large influx of guests. Providing your guests with a top-class experience can also be a boost to your business. Happy guests are bound to spread the word about their visit, and they very well may return to your establishment the next time they’re in town. With so many guests to cater to, there won’t be a lot of time to fix major problems. If your hotel fails to properly prepare for winter, you could wind up losing money and finding yourself with far too many vacancies to fill. Follow these tips to ensure your hotel is fully optimized to provide your guests with full protection during the colder months.

    Update the Insulation

    Guests should always be warm and comfortable in their rooms. Make sure that your hotel insulation is up to code, and patch up any weak spots that could lead to draftiness. You can also invest in insulated window treatments, which can cut your energy expenses by as much as 30 percent. According to CelluBOR, good insulation saves you money on both heating and air conditioning, so it’s a worthwhile investment that improves your guests’ experiences in every season.

    Schedule Hot Tub Maintenance

    Hot tubs are a beloved amenity in many hotels, and if your business offers them year-round, guests will love the opportunity to warm up when it’s frigid outside. This means that they’re going to be used more frequently, so make sure to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them sanitary and working properly under the extra load. Beachcomber recommends that you should also make sure to have a functioning cover to avoid temperature loss in your hot tub. If the hot tub is closed for the winter (for example, if your hot tub is outdoors) you should have it properly insulated, drained, and covered to avoid costly damage.

    Call Pest Control

    Insects and rodents head indoors when the temperature plummets outside. Nothing can so easily destroy a hotel’s reputation like the sight of rats, mice, or bugs in the lobby or, even worse, in the guests’ rooms. Make sure that you work with a professional pest control company to circumvent any issues. You can also have them set up an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. A good IPM system will make sure that there are preventative measures in place to ward off any insects or rodents that try to make your hotel their home for the holiday season.

    Winter is a time of year where people want to be cozy and safe. These feelings should be present in your hotel during the winter. With these tips in mind, you can winterize your hotel and make it a memorable space for guests to unwind and enjoy their stay.