As an employer and business owner, it is your responsibility, both directly and indirectly, to keep your employees safe while they are on the job. Unfortunately, injuries in the workplace are incredibly common, particularly in dangerous industries like construction and manufacturing where employees are working with dangerous tools, equipment, and machinery. Take the proper steps as a business owner to ensure that your employees can get their jobs done safely and without injury. Here are three simple measures that you can take to help prevent injuries at your business.

    Provide Safety Equipment

    The first simple measure that you can take to help prevent injuries at your business is to provide proper safety equipment for your employees. You are required to provide your employees with the basic safety equipment that they need to complete their work tasks safely and without injury. This can include things like hard hats, gloves, goggles, fluorescent safety equipment and other items. Make sure that you know what your employees will need to do their job safely, and make sure that they have easy access to this equipment. It is your job to cultivate a safe environment for your employees and that involves providing safety equipment.

    Use Visual Cues

    The next simple measure that you can take to help prevent workplace injuries at your business is to use visual clues to alert employees to potential dangers and hazards. You need to use proper signage and other visual cues in your business to give clear warnings to your employees and anyone else at your business about the dangers that are present in the workplace. For instance, an NFPA poster provides a quick reference to potential hazards in your workplace. The NFPA is the National Fire Protection Association, which is dedicated to eliminating loss due to fire and electrical damage. Hanging posters like these can help educate your employees about the dangers at work.

    Institute Safety Codes

    The final measure that you can take to prevent workplace injuries at your business is to institute safety codes at your business. You should come up with a list of safety codes, perhaps different zones of your workplace that have different hazards present. You can identify them with numbers, colors, letters, or anything else that works for you. Help your employees understand what the expectations are in the different zones and how they can remain safe and compliant with the codes.

    Making sure that everyone stays safe and injury free at your business can feel like a tall order. But with a few simple measures, you will help make your workplace safe for everyone. Use these three measures to create the safest working environment possible.

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