Let’s face it, kids are messy. Very messy. And while that can be fun, it also can be hard on your home and particularly your floors. From spills and falls to crumbs and anything else your kids can throw at it, your floors take a beating with children in the house. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful flooring options that will be easy to clean, safe, and kid-friendly in your home. Here our three ideas for kid-friendly flooring options to consider for your home

    Short Carpet

    Short carpet is a great option for kid-friendly flooring. Short, low-pile carpeting is smoother than longer or higher-pile carpeting options. This makes it feel smooth and soft on bare feet for your kids. And because the carpet is short length, it is easier to clean with just a standard vacuum cleaner. The fibers of the carpet won’t get stuck in your vacuum and since the carpet is short there is less room for dust, dirt, and crumbs to hide. Short and low-pile carpeting also tends to have very tight weaves when compared to longer carpeting, and the tighter weave can help mitigate staining. No more worrying about a spilled glass of juice on the carpet!


    Tile flooring is a great idea for people seeking kid-friendly flooring. Tiles can come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and appearances, to make your floors look exactly how you want, without adding any difficult or strenuous maintenance. Tile can mimic and give you the feeling of other flooring, without the care needed. If you love marble or wood flooring, there are tile options to give you the look you want, without any extra care or worries that your little ones will damage the expensive hardwood or marble.

    Rubber Flooring

    This is not a solution for an entire home, but if you’re looking to put down some safe and comfy flooring in your child’s playroom, rubber may be what you’re looking for. Rubber flooring absorbs the bounces and falls, and they are very dense, offering some padding on your floor. This makes them great for families that live on the second floor or higher in their apartment building or duplex. And they are easy to clean with just a towel and a little bit of water.

    Picking flooring options that you and your kids will love can be a challenge. But finding a solution for everyone that is beautiful, clean, safe, and fun is a lot easier with these three options. Give them a try and see what you like best, there’s an option out there for you!

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