Many workplace environments can be accompanied by certain hazards. These hazards can cause death or injury which can lead to individuals seeking compensation. This compensation can be very costly so it’s important that you have liability insurance to avoid paying out of pocket.

Working at Heights

When working at heights, there is an increased risk of falls. If proper safety measures are not in place or if these measures fail, then falls can result in serious injury or even death. There are many safety measures to be aware of. First of all, you should have barriers in place to prevent falls. This includes guardrails, handrails, edge protection, and even a fence. You can also ensure protection with a full body harness. Just be sure you have proper anchorage and a strong safety line in place. To further prevent falls, carefully assess the weather before work to see if the conditions will be safe. Anyone who has high blood pressure, heart disease, or similar ailments should be deemed unfit for working at heights.

Working With Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery can be very hazardous if used improperly. Workers run the risk of getting limbs caught, being crushed, or sustaining serious lacerations. Some of these injuries could even be deadly. To avoid injury, make sure your employees are properly trained on the machines they will be using. They need to know how to use it and what hazards to be aware of. You can also install safeguards as well as measures that protect employees even when the machine isn’t in use. Lockout/tagout devices are meant to prevent serious harm by machines to workers when they shouldn’t be energized. They are especially helpful when a machine is being repaired.

Working With Hazardous Chemicals

Exposure to chemicals is hazardous since they are so diverse. Injury could result from gas, liquid, powder, or solid form. The most concerning aspect of chemical exposure is that injuries or ailments can be short-term or long-term. It’s possible that an individual may not show signs or symptoms for an extended period of time. Chemicals can result in poisoning, skin rashes, lung damage, and more. Preventing these injuries starts with proper training. Inform employees about the hazards of chemicals, how they may react to each other, and how to best be protected from them. Make sure they are provided with gloves, masks, and PPE where necessary.

There are a variety of hazards that may be faced at your business. It’s important to be aware of these hazards so you can prevent them. However, accidents and injuries still occur so make sure you have liability insurance for your business as an extra precaution.

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