Being a college student can be tough. Not only do you have a heavy course load, but you have to pay for tuition, rent, food, transportation, and so much more. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to balance your class work with the demands of a regular job. If you are feeling stuck in this situation, consider using one of the following ways to make a little money on the side.

    Become a Tutor

    If there is a subject that you feel really confident in, consider becoming a tutor. There are two basic target markets. The first market is fellow college students. You want to find students that are taking the same class that you already aced. Speak with your professors and ask if they would be willing to forward your information to their students. The second market is middle and high school students. This market is a lot larger and will generally be willing to pay more. This is because your fellow college students are poor. Middle and high school kids don’t have that concern. Their parents are usually willing to pay a fair sum of money so that their kids can get help. You can often charge $30-$40 an hour for tutoring services in subjects like math and science.

    Use Your Car

    Your car is probably eating up a decent portion of your budget with car payments and gas. However, you could also use it to earn a little extra money on the side. There are several apps that you can sign up for that will pay you to deliver food. The great part about it is that you can work according to your schedule. There are also ridesharing apps that you can use to give people a lift around town during your free time. You could even consider getting your car wrapped with a company’s advertisement. A car wrap won’t hurt your vehicle paint and it can be easily removed. While you have it on your car, the company will pay you a stipend for the advertising.

    Donate Plasma

    While it is illegal to sell your own plasma, you can be compensated for the time that it takes to donate this life-saving substance. Take a look around town, there are usually a couple of plasma donation centers near college campuses. Generally, there is a limit to how often you can donate. Usually that limit is twice a week.  However, most plasma centers give you greater compensation for each time you go in a row. You can easily earn a couple hundred bucks a month.

    If you’re struggling with finances, it is important to keep a solution mindset. If you’re willing to look, there are always ways that you can earn a little extra income to help make ends meet. You may even find a way to start a small business on the side!

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