The right business building can be an important part of your business’s growth and development. Your building says something about your company and reflects your place in the industry to your customers. It also helps to shape the culture of your business internally. Making the right choice can be the difference between long-term business success and failure. With this in mind, how do you choose the right business building? You put a lot of time into your HR strategy, marketing, and devising a business plan. Why not put the same level of thought into choosing the right venue through which to do business? Here are some tips to help you.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Business Building

    Think About Your Parking Needs

    If you operate in a city where your customers and employees will mostly drive to work, then you need a space with ample parking. Consider your parking options before you pull the trigger. If you’ll need to rent garage space for your employees, this will raise the practical cost of the business building. Beyond that, a lack of parking can be a major turnoff for would-be customers.


    Operate Near Complementary Businesses

    If you run an ice cream shop, you may want to choose a building next to a mini-golf course or a movie theater. Find businesses that complement what you’re selling. This principle is why you often see bail bonding companies located near courthouses and criminal law firms. They know that being in a location near a complementary product or service is a good way to pick up business instantly.


    Leave Yourself Opportunities for Growth

    You never know where your company might be two years from now. It’s always good to have a business building that offers the opportunity for expansion. You’d hate to have to move locations if things are going so well that you’ve become insanely profitable. If you choose a business building that either has additional units available or provides the opportunity for you to add-on, you won’t have to worry about this particular problem. You can also use extra space for revenue with renters of similar industries.


    The right business building can help to make your employees feel at home while serving as a welcoming place for your customers. Focus on finding a place that provides you with the right price point, all the parking you need, and the chance to piggyback off the success of the companies around you. This decision should be analytical. Don’t just settle for the cheapest building around. Where you put your office or storefront says something important about your company.