In order to run your business effectively, you might want to consider looking at outside sources for inspiration. The military is a wonderful example and you can learn many things about how to run your business.


    The military has a high rate of retention. This means that many people willingly stay on and continue serving in the military. Having high turnover is not ideal for both the military and for businesses. There are many ways you can improve your retention. For example, in the military there are many benefits that those serving can take advantage of. You can improve benefits such as providing quality insurance and other perks. Retention can also be improved by creating a positive work environment that will encourage people to continue working. Keeping your workers’ experiences in mind can help you find ways to improve retention. 

    Risk Management

    In any business, you want to make sure you manage all risks. This can be made easier if you have a system that allows you to clearly identify and manage risk. The process of composite risk management (CRM) was developed by the U.S. military. This system is a decision-making process that allows them to identify and assess risk, create a plan to address it, implement that plan, and then evaluate. Using this same system can help businesses thoroughly address risk in an organized way. It can help you to run your business smoothly and improve your efficiency. In fact, you could even use the same steps of CRM and apply them to other aspects of your business. 


    Your business can learn a lot from the military. One thing the military is known for is discipline. In business, you want to make sure all of your employees are hardworking and able to manage tasks on their own. Implementing more discipline can help you to create self-sufficient employees who can run your business without being overly reliant on you for help. Additionally, you can encourage higher levels of organization within your business. Part of this organization can include a chain of command, much like the military. Using a chain of command can give your employees someone to contact if they have problems instead of always going directly to you. 

    The military is an efficient organization and it can inspire many wonderful business practices. If you are struggling to manage your business, perhaps look to them for ideas on how to become more efficient. It can help you to grow your business.

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