Until the internet, advertising relied on exposure through mostly physical forms and television commercials to reach a wide audience. With the internet, advertising has become an entirely new, more flexible, and more effective practice that is outperforming traditional advertising in many aspects. Will this innovation cause traditional ads to disappear entirely?

    Direct Mail

    While society’s shift to a primarily online presence has “killed” much of physical advertising’s efficacy, it also means that a small amount of physical advertising may actually be more effective. Nowadays the physical mail that you receive stands out—especially when these advertisements are for local businesses tailored to the consumer’s interests. Direct mail advertising allows companies to contact their target audience, providing a tangible, vibrant promotion that is even more likely to grab a viewer’s interest than an online sidebar ad or social media post that is quickly scrolled past. As long as mail is still interesting to individuals, direct mail advertisements will be as well.

    TV Advertising

    Billions of people all over the world have access to TVs, and therefore access to the advertisements that run on them. TV advertising remains a popular and efficient way to spread the news about new deals, new trends, new products, and new practices; this is one of the largest areas of advertising expense used in the world. Advertisers in the U.S. spent $72 billion on TV ads in 2017! High-end brands still rely on this medium of marketing to get their name out and to remind customers of what their company has to offer. This is also helpful for connecting with target audiences, as companies can pay for their ads to be run on specific channels or networks that are viewed by specific demographics.


    Of course, even the most popular online platforms won’t eliminate all the billboards, posters, and signs that capture attention when eyes are off of their screens. People still search the public spaces around them for visual interest, and businesses are wise to take advantage of that fact and fill said space with their brand. This is a form of advertising that is not only effective but expected! Signs are a great way to keep your ads simple, creative, and attractive—in fact, the clearer the message, the better, and that often means less information on the image. These images resonate with viewers, pulling customer minds toward the ad’s sponsor.

    While the internet has revolutionized the way that consumers search, explore, access, and interact with a brand, there are still a few forms of traditional advertising that will hold strong in the midst of an online-driven society.

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