When you have a business, the most important consideration is establishing your brand by ensuring that people notice it. Being distinguishable from other businesses in your industry is the only way you’ll be memorable, which will make customers more likely to choose your product or service. Here are three ideas you should consider using in your marketing to get your brand recognized.

Live-Stream Events

Live-streaming events are the perfect way to build your company’s presence and your brand name. People love discovering businesses on a more personal and human level. Seeing advertisements from a faceless company doesn’t have the same impact as watching a person talk about their product and explain what makes it stand apart from the competition. Setting up an event to showcase your company and your product line will make people tune in to see what it’s all about. Once you have the audience, take the opportunity to show them your brand and give them a reason to remember you.

Use Branded Merchandise

Having your brand on items that people see and use every single day is another great way to make the public notice you. You can put your logo, slogan or name on merchandise that people will use and enjoy such as caps or coffee mugs. There are many ideas for distributing branded tote bags and merchandise to customers or employees. You can offer it as a reward for visiting your business or buying from it. You could have a contest or a giveaway that can be streamed live as an event. Furnishing people with things they can use makes them like and trust you, and having your brand on those items will ensure they remember you.

Use Videos

One of the best tools in marketing today is the use of videos. They can be uploaded and shared on social media, and they have a greater impact than writing ever will. People may glance at written posts, but they tend to watch a video from beginning to end. It will also give them a better understanding of your brand and make you more memorable. Whether you use it as an advertisement or to provide a look at your business from a personal level, viewers will engage.

Without recognition, you can’t move products. Building your brand by making it noticeable is vital to any business endeavor you may launch. These ideas will help you make that brand unforgettable. Check out more business marketing strategies in these Idaho Business articles:

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