When it comes to marketing these days, you must go that extra mile more than ever before. Online marketing and even traditional marketing are great tools when used strategically. However, mobile marketing is now becoming crucial for marketing purposes.

Why Apps?

With our busy society, most people are always on the go. They go to work and school, they run errands, and they tend to other obligations. So, they’re browsing on mobile devices just as much or possibly even more than on their laptops or desktops.

Statistics show that 77 percent of adults in the U.S. own a smartphone and approximately 50 percent own a tablet, according to the Pew Research Center. More importantly, people are using their smartphones to access the internet. According to reports from 2018, 52 percent of internet traffic came from mobile users. 

These statistics show the importance of mobile apps for marketing. These apps will raise visibility, engage visitors before they become customers, make for easy purchasing, and offer customers fast contact options.

The Cost of Designing an App

Another great fact about apps is that they’re not only for big companies. Small- to medium-sized businesses can plan accordingly with their project management teams.

Simple strategies can be utilized to keep the project on budget. The costs can range from $1,000 to $50,000 or more. The total cost depends on different factors and getting the best value possible without compromising quality.

Factors that influence the cost of custom mobile app development include app functionality, the number and type of platforms, API and back-end infrastructure, application security, stabilization and QA, the number of specialists working, hourly rates, and the number of hours spent creating the app.

Planning Your Business Mobile App

Now that you see that having a mobile app is crucial for business growth, you and your team must decide on which mobile app devices will work for your company. The following includes various mobile apps techniques to use:

  • Push notifications: This tool offers a uniquely personalized experience because you can get on-demand communication that’s relevant and timely.
  • Map integration and geolocation: You can know your customers’ locations and provide them detailed directions on how to find your business.
  • Loyalty program integration: Customers can easily monitor, acquire, and redeem points from your loyalty program by using their mobile device.
  • Social integration: All of your business’s social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest can be integrated so that your customers can engage with you.
  • Mobile payments/mobile shopping: Customers can shop, purchase, and make payments whenever they want and while on the go.
  • Virtual reality: Depending on your type of business, virtual reality is a good marketing tool to build engagement.

Finding a Mobile App Developer

If small- to mid-sized businesses don’t have or can’t afford a mobile app developer, then they can outsource a company. There are tons of mobile development companies that you can find online. Other ways to find a mobile app developer include searching through extended networks, local universities and colleges, and freelance outlets. Extended networks include people you’re acquainted with who may know a highly trained app developer.

Freelance outlets could be individuals on Upwork and LinkedIn, for instance. Upwork and such platforms have a plethora of qualified contractors who will build an app for a reasonable price. Websites like LinkedIn are for individuals who are promoting their expertise and offering valuable services.

After getting your mobile app up and running, all you must do now is to see how the business grows with more web traffic and sales. You and your team can also obtain analytics periodically on how the business is progressing. And if you use a mobile app development company, the company may have analytical tools to check on how your business is doing.

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