While digital marketing is popular, it’s not the only form of marketing to employ. You don’t want to forget about physical marketing strategies. Just because you assume a marketing practice is dated doesn’t mean that it isn’t still relevant today.

    Free Samples

    The idea of giving out free samples can be scary because you’re spending money to give your products away when you should be selling them. However, free samples can provide the conversion that you need to succeed. Whether it’s a tasting in the store or at a special event or you’re giving away a small sample by mail to get people interested in what you have to offer, it allows people to try before they buy.

    You can avoid the stigma of “free” by making sure that people know that it really is free. Otherwise, it’s a bait and switch tactic that results in them spending money on shipping, handling, or are inadvertently signing up for something. Let people know that your free sample is just what you’re saying it is, a free sample.

    Direct Mail Marketing

    Direct mail marketing has impressive response rates, even in today’s digital world. Most people are so used to seeing emails that they delete them before reading them. However, a physical mailbox remains empty on so many days. There are modern techniques using this strategy, such as telling people to visit your website or giving them a QR code to scan.

    You can fill their mailbox with sales flyers, coupons, and more. Give them a reason to do business with you using direct mail. Additionally, you may be able to reach more people using this method because you aren’t relying on someone to open up the email that you have sent them.


    Many organizations depend on companies to sponsor them. This includes school PTAs, health organizations, community-based nonprofits, and more. Those who are associated with the organization are more likely to support the businesses that sponsor them. Additionally, organizations are likely to promote their sponsors to the community. Those who support the cause of the organization will support the sponsors, too, allowing you to do something good and increase your business.

    Take the time to consider how an organization embodies your brand. For example, decide whether you want to focus on health, community, education, or something else. Then, find out how the organization will reward you for your sponsorship, such as whether you get to put out a booth at an event or have your logo on volunteer t-shirts.

    Ultimately, take the time to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing. Focus on physical marketing strategies that allow you to connect with people in a different way.

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