Growing your startup or small businesses takes work and networking. While your market research and strategy remain vital, you also need to meet colleagues, potential clients, and vendors. You need to head to some trade shows. Get started the right way with these three tips to trade show success.

Have a Lot of Giveaways

Giveaways lead to success at a trade show. It can be simple items like a pen or water bottle sporting your brand name. You’ll draw more people to your booth with promotional products and giveaways. It’s not just that they see your promos on the table but that the see them throughout the trade show in the hands or heads of people.

Create a gift bag of promo items. Include something for each part of the recipient’s day: coffee mug or water bottle, notepad, pen, poncho, or umbrella. While it may sound expensive, by buying in bulk for multiple trade shows at once you can create the bags on a budget. You’ll have enough for the current show and future ones, too.

Get Help Transporting Your Products

It’s important to safely transport or ship your products to the trade show location. Unless you have a large truck at your disposal that you feel comfortable driving, you’ll need to hire a shipping company that can get everything there in one piece and at one time. When you plan ahead, you can avoid common shipping mistakes that could set you back at the trade show. Start a couple of months before the show getting estimates so you can locate a dependable, experienced shipping firm. Check references. The legwork months before will provide you with a dependable shipper for many future trade shows.

Tradeshow Models

Hiring trade show models provides an effective way to reach more people that costs less than most assume. Trade show models receive professional training in presentation and product promotion. They drive new people to your booth by distributing marketing materials and developing your brand message in a professional manner. Quite simply, they draw the right kind of attention because they are models. Their presence attracts more people. Hiring models also save you from needing to pull employees off of their jobs to attend the show. It also saves your firm those travel costs. Plus, these engaging models mingle with guests and encourage more signups for your newsletters, extracting guest contact information. That translates to more sales leads.

You can succeed at your first trade show. Better your chances at a great show experience with branded giveaways, safe and timely shipping of your promotional items, and professional trade show models.

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