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An online business is relatively easy to start as it requires few tools and a minimum amount of capital. However, it can be tricky to grow your online business and build it into a profitable enterprise. The good news is that there things that you can do to grow it from home without much personal sacrifice.

Acquire Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to grow a company because the affiliate earns a commission from each sale that he or she earns. Therefore, that person is motivated to promote your products in a positive manner to as many people as possible. Affiliates can be anyone interested in your products; they can be friends, family members, owners of complementary businesses, or anyone else who believes in your business.

Furthermore, you get to decide whether to give a percentage of each sale to your affiliate or a set amount per purchase, regardless of what is sold. Affiliate marketing software programs are available to keep track of how much each person is owed as well as how much they owe in taxes. As each state has different sales tax laws, it may be a good idea to consult with a tax professional prior to starting your program.

Resource: Post Affiliate Pro | 10 Tips On How To Find Affiliates To Sell Your Products

Get Active on Social Media

Getting active on social media can help to increase engagement with your audience and increase awareness of your brand. While you don’t need to be active on every social media site, it is important to have a sustained presence on at least one or two different networks. For instance, you could post links to articles on Twitter and hold group discussions on Facebook. Choose your platforms based on where your target demographic likes to spend time on the web.

Holding social media contests can also be an effective way to develop relationships between yourself and your audience. Contests could include asking people to take pictures wearing your products or writing a positive message online about how great your service is. Whatever type of contest that you decide to hold, make sure that the rules are clear and that the winner is chosen in a transparent manner.

Resource: Website Rocket | How To Grow Your Business With Social Media Contests – 6 Steps

Ask Your Customers to Talk Up Your Brand

While you could write articles about your products or create advertisements extolling the virtues of your services, that may not be as effective without a customer testimonial. When prospective customers see other customers saying positive things about your business, they are more likely to make a purchase. This is because they are reading an opinion from an unbiased source that has little or no reason to lie.

Encourage your customers to say positive things about your site in a variety of different places. For instance, they could post a Facebook message to their public page with a link to your site. They could also post positive reviews on your website or on other social media pages. If your customers have a blog, it can be helpful if they post links or otherwise encourage their readers to visit your site. Reach out to a blogger whose audience aligns with yours and offer them a guest post or a sponsored post. It may be worth your while.

Resource: American Marketing Association | Want to Increase Sales? Ask for Positive Customer Feedback

Create an Email List

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to make money no matter what type of business you have. There are a variety of programs out there that can help you collect email addresses and send messages on an automated schedule. Analytic tools will even keep track of how many people opened a given message to help you make adjustments to your marketing strategy.

Email lists are ideal because addresses can be captured in a passive manner. Typically, a person will opt-in on your website or landing page. By providing their email address, it shows that an individual is interested in what you have to sell. This means that he or she is more likely to be receptive to your marketing pitch.

Depending on how large your list is, you can communicate with hundreds of people at once without having to do anything other than hit send. If you want, feel free to outsource composing your email messages to a freelancer or anyone else who is willing to compose a message for a small fee.

Resource: Emma Email Marketing Software | The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Improving Your Email Results

Thanks to social media and other tools, you can grow your business without having to spend hours closing sales each day. Instead, you can let other people or automated systems help spread the word about your business and convert more of your site visitors to customers. As you don’t need to spend much to obtain these customers, these additional sales are mostly extra profit for your company.

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