Thanks to technology, it’s no longer a requirement to have a physical office location in order to have a thriving business. The question then becomes this: How do you still impress clients without having a physical office location? Here are four tips that will teach you exactly what to do.

Improve Your Website

Because your website is your digital home for your business, it’s imperative that you take the time to invest in how your website presents itself. Does your website follow the best practices for being optimized for mobile viewing? Does your website make it easy for clients to find exactly what they’re looking for? Does your website clearly demonstrate who you are? Clients will be impressed with your attention to detail that you’ve taken to make sure that the digital format of your business is just as impressive as the business itself.

Send Gifts

Sending a small token of your appreciation for your client is one way to show that you understand that their time and position to you as a client is valuable and important. Because they’re not able to drop by your office location or you cannot invite them to do so, a good way to show them that you appreciate their business is to send them a gift to their office. Be sure that the gift is thoughtful and not one that they can throw away or discard easily. Also, make sure it has your company branding or a slogan on it.

Temporary Office Space

Using a temporary office space shows your clients that you have a solid location that you do business out of. In fact, there are many options for renting conference spaces. Co-working spaces have become so popular that there are many options available to you as a business owner. When you interview the spaces you’re considering, ask them about a conference room as well as a small office space and having a professional phone setup for when clients call you.

Host In-Person Events

A meet and greet with your client is always a great way to remind them that you’re available to them and also to let them know that you see their business in a holistic manner.

When you host events where clients can come and see you face to face, it allows you the opportunity to share special announcements with them and to also find out more about what they have planned in their business.

These are just four ways to impress clients when you don’t have a physical office location. Implement two or three of these or even all four of them and you’ll find that your clients will be impressed with your business every time.

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