Owning a business means you need to be up to speed on all modes of staying competitive. If yours doesn’t have a YouTube presence, you need to drop what you’re doing and get a channel created. But you also need to make sure you’re using it like you should and not just assuming that having a YouTube channel alone will do anything. These are some tips for using YouTube with your business.

    Regular Updates

    Followers aren’t going to remember you unless you’re posting regular updates. There are so many other companies out there fighting to get noticed on YouTube. Take the time to post a new video at least once a week. Even if there hasn’t been anything particularly noteworthy, it’s still good to recap what’s been going on. You can use your regular updates to tease your audience about any exciting developments. Create videos in time with exciting announcements to help capitalize on audience awareness.

    Diverse Content

    If your videos are more or less indistinguishable from one another or far too similar to those made by other YouTube channels, you’re not going to gain much of an audience. You need to create diverse content if you want to amass a following. Make videos that are well-edited, get straight to the point, and don’t just cover information that could be found anywhere else. As an example, doTERRA’s YouTube page isn’t just about essential oils, but about their company, general holistic health, and more. You should see your channel as your way of covering all sorts of topics related to your business. Make content for the viewer that keeps them craving your next update.

    Strong Titles

    Can you think of why you’ve clicked on the last few YouTube videos that you did? There are many possible reasons, from a cool visual appearance to it being recommended by a friend, but something you need to nail is your titling. You can use list-based titles and videos to draw people in, such as “Five Things You Need to Know About Recycling.” Make sure that your titles are not only exciting but accurate as well. If you promise one thing but deliver another, people are going to be angry, even if your video is generally informative. You also want to make sure that your titles are not too long and are to the point. One good example is this makeup tutorial video, called “Tim Burton Look.” It tells you what the video is about in not too many characters and attracts attention because of the well-known name, “Tim Burton.”  

    Viewership for your videos can translate to sales for your business. A solid YouTube presence is all about awareness. You have to do what you can to keep eyes on your business and show customers why they should keep coming back. These tips can help you to see the promise of investing in great and frequent video production.

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