Your home could be described in many ways – warm, inviting, comfortable, cozy, and possibly poisonous. That’s right, poisons can lurk anywhere. And I don’t just mean the chemicals you already know to use caution with, such as bleach and other household cleaners. Odorless, colorless toxins can creep into any home. How do you battle something your senses don’t detect? That’s where modern technology and knowledge come into action.

Not-So-Smelly Gases

Gases occur naturally and often disperse into the air, but when concentrated in an enclosed area, your home, they can block the oxygen going to your brain causing serious harm or death. Carbon monoxide is one such gas. It’s commonly emitted from car exhaust and portable heaters fueled with kerosene. It is very much undetectable by human smell or sight. Fortunately, many smoke alarms also detect this poison. To keep your family safe, always check the batteries and operation of your smoke alarms and be sure they detect carbon monoxide as well.

Small Spores, Big Problem

Other natural problem-causers are molds and mildews. Their spores, how they reproduce and spread, are small and often without any smell. Although once grown into a large area they can produce a scent that some would notice, it would be after the situation had advanced. Molds and mildews can cause many respiratory illnesses and other unpleasant reactions that could be avoidable. Moisture is the main culprit in this problem. The only way to be for sure if there’s a mold problem, unless it is visible, is to have the air quality in your home tested. This will detect any foreign substances that could potentially cause health problems.

Risky Residues

Testing the air quality in your home is also an intelligent idea if you have, or had a smoker in the house. Perhaps you are a former smoker or just moved into a new house and believe the previous owners smoked. Smoking leaves carcinogens and poisons around to soak into the walls, carpets and furniture. Testing can give definite answers to problems within your home. Once you know the problems, if any, you can take further steps to ridding your home of these dangers.

Humans are well adapted, intelligent creatures, but we aren’t indestructible and we aren’t always aware of the dangers around us. To keep yourself and loved ones healthy and safe, be sure you are equipped and informed about possible dangers in your home.

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