For home buyers and sellers located in Idaho, wasps should be a significant concern. They are an unwanted pest for all individuals. Wasps are an issue in around the house in particular because of the sting. No other pests sting quite like wasps. It is painful and makes the situation unenjoyable. Also, they sometimes create their nests in difficult, hard to reach locations. They hang their nests in high places on your property which can create all sorts of complicated scenarios. According to this list, a large attractant for these pests includes sugary liquids, meats, moist pet food, and trash cans. Lastly, even once you have killed the wasps, their empty nest can then harbor other insects such as earwigs, beetles, and other pests. It is best practice to eventually retrieve and destroy the nest.

    The behavior of the wasps depends on the subspecies of wasp. Pest control experts say paper wasps are the most docile. However, almost all subspecies of wasps can agitate easily and sting multiple times. The wasp sting can be potentially very serious depending on the age of and condition of the person stung. Also, it is important to be aware if a person has an allergic reaction or not. If a person is stung on the face or around the throat/neck or inside the mouth, it is generally best if they seek immediate medical attention. Lastly, the amount of stings a person receives should also determine if they should seek immediate medical care. In severe cases, wasps can be lethal.

    From this article, A good way to treat these nests is to thoroughly soak them with insecticide. It is best to make sure the chemical is made specifically for above ground wasps when dealing with nests on or around the home. Once the nest is thoroughly soaked, it is best practice to leave the nest in place for at least a day or overnight because not all wasps return back to the nest within a days time. Once those last wasps return to the nest, they can then be exterminated from the poison residue left on the nest.

    Some advice for encountering wasps include flicking them away if they land on you or near you. According to one video, If you crush or swap them, they release a chemical into the air which alerts other worker wasps to attack and sting. It can potentially make for a bad scenario depending on the size of the hive & location of the hive. Next, run away from them but not to trees or bushes because that is where they could be located. Altogether, wasps should be a concern for any homebuyer or seller in the state of Idaho.

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