Why do you have a website? So people can visit it, of course! Whether your website is a hub for recipes or a way to promote your business, more online traffic is always welcome. If you are new or old to this, there are several ways to refresh your website to increase its reach.

    Use Social Media

    Most people have social media accounts that they check daily. That is why using social to promote pages on your website is a great place to start to increase your online reach. Connections can spread out like a spiderweb, connecting to people you wouldn’t have been able to connect with otherwise.  

    Social media has a variety of tools and different platforms have different fortes. Look at different ways to use social media to your advantage. Increasing your social media reach can also help increase the reach of your website.

    Use Keywords

    When someone types in a query into Google or other search engines, they use algorithms to search for keywords across the web. No one knows exactly how these algorithms work, but there are a couple of patterns to follow if you want search engines to pick up on your website more easily. Keywords are part of what helps search engines find your website.

    Not all keywords were created equal. Websites with better keywords rank higher in search engines. Good keywords include those that people are more likely to use in a search query. Try to figure out as many keywords as possible to place in the articles on your website to encourage more traffic and expand your online reach.

    Use Links

    Links are another important part of SEO (search engine optimization). The more links within your site, the easier it is for search engines to know that you have relevant information for a particular query. Internal links, that lead from one part of your website to another, are a large component of this.

    Getting links from other websites to your website also increases your website’s reach by making it more visible by search engines. Besides writing great content that people want to link to on their own website, you can consider writing a guest blog for another site so that you can link to your own site.

    As you implement these tips, you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your view numbers increase. Even little changes can make a big difference in your website’s reach.

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