military school alternatives

Adolescence is a tough time for both teenagers and parents. Teenagers act out, and parents aren’t sure what to do. Unfortunately, this might escalate to the point where parents are seriously considering a type of military school for their difficult child. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are other options. Check them out below!


You can always provide schooling at home for your teenager. Homeschooling is regulated by state laws, and you might be surprised at how easy it can be. If you have a busy work schedule, don’t forget that you can hire tutors to help out with your homeschooling needs.


Some teenagers begin acting up because of the influences of a few bad friends. Relocating your son or daughter to a different school district or state might help solve the problem. For example, you might be able to allow your son or daughter to live with a relative for a year or two. A fresh start in a new school district can do wonders for a teenager.

Alternative Schools

Don’t be mislead into believing military school is your only option. There are plenty of private schools and academies that might get the job done. For example, Diamond Ranch Academy is one of the top schools for troubled teenagers. Here, a mixture of academics, engaging extracurricular activities, football, therapy, and an outstanding faculty will help your teenager develop the tools needed to succeed. The school also orients teenagers towards college. What more could you want for your child?

Get Creative

Don’t forget that there are always creative solutions you can generate yourself. For example, consider the author David Gilmour and his book The Film Club. Gilmour’s teenage son had numerous troubles, and schooling was generally unsuccessful. Ultimately, Gilmour decided to allow his son the freedom to leave school early on the condition they watch a film together as father and son twice a week. The films ultimately morphed into an academic curriculum that put Gilmour’s son back on the path to success.

Whatever you decide to do with your troubled teenage son or daughter, always remember there are alternatives to military school. It might involve homeschooling, travel, a creative curriculum, or a positive experience at a place like Diamond Ranch Academy. Only you can know what’s best. Talk to your spouse and your troubled teenager. You will then know what is the right thing to do.

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